Scratch that Itch with the Behringer Crave

A lot of buzz was already in the air about the offerings Behringer’s team were unveiling at this years NAMM. But not to be outdone, even by themselves, they hit us with a big surprise on Sunday with something very interesting .

Introducing the Behringer Crave. A single Oscillator, semi-modular, analog synth with 3340 Prophet 5 VCO design, a Moog-style Ladder filter, a sequencer an extensive CV patch bay and a steel chasis. There are more features, like USB connectivity, but the official specs have not been released yet, however, the biggest news has to be the price: $199 USD . All that for the price of a decent software synthesizer is wicked impressive!

At first listen, I thought we were getting the TB303 clone that floated around the rumor-web. It has a capable sequencer acid style demonstrated in the video below, but the OSC is so raw and fat, it made me personally think of the “Moog” sound. In view if the sequencer, the patchbay and the known feature set, I think we may have a sort of Mother 32 clone (don’t hold me to that though).

One thing I’m sure of is the Crave is gonna sell. You simply can’t argue with that price and, from the short demo, the sound too. If you already own a Neutron or a Boog (Model D), then you just found a sweet little friend to sequence and patch with that costs as much as a simple, quality guitar pedal.

Estimated to release very soon, expect to see lots more info over the next few days as this little machine should spark some interest in the synth world. in the mean time, check out this video.

The Behringer Crave


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