MOD Duo X – Step One: Put Your “Everything” in a Box

                                                  One Box to Rule Them All!

As a multi-instrumentalist who enjoys looping, my dream setup includes a bunch of instruments (guitars, keys, percussion, etc…) connected to a mixer with a sub group/aux send where I can decide what instrument or loop can run to that sub/aux containing effects to manipulate my sound on the fly.

What my dream setup was always missing was a small footprint, high quality device to give me a plethora of audio effects and MIDI control. Something to replace my bulky stereo effects pedals, my non-stage friendly laptop, and also give me new possibilities to explore.

Well, the wait is over. The MOD Duo X has arrived and it is literally a dream come true. mod-devices-duo-x-first-assemblyAt about the size of large guitar stomp box (a bit larger than say the higher end Strymon box) an entire ecosystem of sound creation, manipulation and more is crammed in and easily accessible via two large, crisp displays and 10 user defined knobs. It also features “pagination” or banks so you can use those same 10 knobs for different sets of controls per page.

Check below for the quite impressive list of features this beast offers, but here are a few that tickle my fancy.


– Custom effects chains built from Mod’s giant collection of effects (including 3rd party developers).Virtual Instruments! Yep, your pedal is a synth too!

– Max device loading and Ableton Live Sync.

– USB host port (plug your favourite USB MIDI controller directly in, no computer necessary).

– Full MIDI capabilities (classic 5 Pin Din In and Out)

– Instant save and recall of presets so you can dial in




Completely independent audio I/O with volume control

Digitally-controlled multi-stage analog pre-amplification

Commutable analog control inputs – 2 x Control Voltage / Expression Pedal

Commutable outputs – 2 x Control Voltage / Headphone

Cirrus Logic low noise audio AD/DA converter

Relay-based True-Bypass

Headphone out with dedicated volume control and direct monitoring option


Powerful standalone NXP i.MX8M Quad core ARM Cortex-A53, 1.5GHz processor

MIDI In and Out + MIDI over USB

USB-host port for connecting peripherals and Bluetooth

Expanded connectivity using a USB hub

USB-device port for computer connection

Control Chain port for MOD peripherals like the MOD Footswitch & MOD Expression Pedal

Bluetooth support


2 big multi-function 128×64 graphical displays (readable in sunlight and optimized for live use)

2 freely-assignable rotary encoders (control a virtually infinite amount of plugin parameters through push-button assignments)

8 freely-assignable potentiometers

4 freely-assignable push-buttons

Controller pagination system for multiple controlling scenarios

2 instant “snapshot” push-buttons for easy setting recall and alternation

4 LED audio meters


Access to, currently, over 500 additional free & commercial plugins in the MOD plugin shop

MIDI Sync (Ableton Link compatible)

Max compatible (any gen~ based Max tool will run on the Duo and Duo X)

Access to a Pedalboard Community (explore and/or share pedalboards with the click of a button)

Monolithic aluminium enclosure

Dimensions (W x H x D): 180mm x 60mm x 160mm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Price:  $699 USD

Check out the video by Synth Anatomy:

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